Saturday, October 3, 2009


What a day! Yes, it's hot but it is a nice day. It isn't as stifling as it has been in the last few days. There is definitely a change in the air and the afternoon light is soft and golden. Yahoo! I can't wait to get into some autumn cooking. I think today calls for pasta. It is versatile and easy to adapt to the seasons. There are lovely cool salads to make for the spring and summer and hot rich soups for winter. I think today with it's autumn (for South Florida anyway) cast it is definitely a pasta day. I am leaning towards a pink sauce? maybe...or just straight tomato. I am on the fence and will decide as I go. Maybe meatballs? or maybe I will just jump into some meatloaf? Let's see what happens in the kitchen. Just a couple of weeks ago I was going for some full Asian recipes that I associate with summer and spring. And here I am dreaming of apple pies, festivals ( I associate festivals with autumn), snake bites being attended to by famous men (I can't explain), Halloween (my favorite holiday) and rich pasta. AND THERE IS A FULL MOON! Whopeee! Can't wait to break out my camera this weekend. Dreaming of a better camera but I may invest in that in the future. Cheers!

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