Sunday, October 4, 2009


It is a hot day today. Went out to Fairchild Gardens and took some pictures with my class. Very nice because there are no crowds. We all met at 9:30 at the entrance and took the tram ride around the entire 83 acres. Then we were on our own to take our pics. There aren't too many flowers this time of year, even here in FL. But there are some great tropical fruits just hanging above ready for the pickin'. Yummy! There are bananas, papayas and some other stuff I can't remember. Also a cute little resident just hanging around and relaxing. But I think my favorite is the colorful eucalyptus tree. My photo teacher says green is boring but I love it. I think the leaves are interesting and dynamic and have beautiful patterns and textures. It's also my favorite color ;-). Became a member and will be returning when it is cooler!

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