Saturday, October 24, 2009


I knew I would bake this weekend. I just wasn't sure what I'd bake. It turned out to be, for today anyway, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies. Delicious brownie-like cookies loaded with heavy chocolate flavor. I have always wanted to find a recipe with that intense chocolate punch that did not use cocoa to do it. Most chocolate recipes use cocoa because they claim it imparts a more intense flavor. But I have never found that to be true. All those recipes came up short. So I finally found it. It is on the Food2 website. They are rich, delicious and VERY chocolate-y. The main ingredient is melted bittersweet chocolate into the dough with little flour and no white sugar. The butter is melted and that is basically it. They are not complicated or difficult. The only thing is that the dough (batter-like really) needs to be refrigerated for a couple of hours before baking. The result is a marvelously good cookie. I made a video out of this but I can never upload them. Here are some pics. Wowzers! As good as the delicious roast and mashed potatoes! Cheers.

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