Sunday, October 25, 2009

The cookies definitely passed the "day old" test. They are like delicious fudge-y brownies encased in a tender-crisp shell. If you know what I mean. This recipe is a keeper. I am going to attempt to post one of my films now. I will try a shorter older one and then maybe the brownie-cookies being created since its about 7 mins. long. The fabulous music playing throughout is, Fascination by Maya Barsony and Les Champs-Elysees by Champs-Elysees. Some French music for some french pastry cream. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I knew I would bake this weekend. I just wasn't sure what I'd bake. It turned out to be, for today anyway, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies. Delicious brownie-like cookies loaded with heavy chocolate flavor. I have always wanted to find a recipe with that intense chocolate punch that did not use cocoa to do it. Most chocolate recipes use cocoa because they claim it imparts a more intense flavor. But I have never found that to be true. All those recipes came up short. So I finally found it. It is on the Food2 website. They are rich, delicious and VERY chocolate-y. The main ingredient is melted bittersweet chocolate into the dough with little flour and no white sugar. The butter is melted and that is basically it. They are not complicated or difficult. The only thing is that the dough (batter-like really) needs to be refrigerated for a couple of hours before baking. The result is a marvelously good cookie. I made a video out of this but I can never upload them. Here are some pics. Wowzers! As good as the delicious roast and mashed potatoes! Cheers.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Photos

Hey! Putting up some photos that I like. No baking going on yet. I think I will hit the kitchen this weekend. Here is one of my favorite pics. My shot of the green bananas got shot down because the pic was too green! Well I say tough. I like green! I am still having trouble uploading my videos. I must admit but my films have been compared to those of Ed Wood. I take that as a compliment, so there. Cheers peeps I shall definitely return for this weekend. I just need to make it through this week.....(crying and sobbing). Yoga helps.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


It is a hot day today. Went out to Fairchild Gardens and took some pictures with my class. Very nice because there are no crowds. We all met at 9:30 at the entrance and took the tram ride around the entire 83 acres. Then we were on our own to take our pics. There aren't too many flowers this time of year, even here in FL. But there are some great tropical fruits just hanging above ready for the pickin'. Yummy! There are bananas, papayas and some other stuff I can't remember. Also a cute little resident just hanging around and relaxing. But I think my favorite is the colorful eucalyptus tree. My photo teacher says green is boring but I love it. I think the leaves are interesting and dynamic and have beautiful patterns and textures. It's also my favorite color ;-). Became a member and will be returning when it is cooler!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


What a day! Yes, it's hot but it is a nice day. It isn't as stifling as it has been in the last few days. There is definitely a change in the air and the afternoon light is soft and golden. Yahoo! I can't wait to get into some autumn cooking. I think today calls for pasta. It is versatile and easy to adapt to the seasons. There are lovely cool salads to make for the spring and summer and hot rich soups for winter. I think today with it's autumn (for South Florida anyway) cast it is definitely a pasta day. I am leaning towards a pink sauce? maybe...or just straight tomato. I am on the fence and will decide as I go. Maybe meatballs? or maybe I will just jump into some meatloaf? Let's see what happens in the kitchen. Just a couple of weeks ago I was going for some full Asian recipes that I associate with summer and spring. And here I am dreaming of apple pies, festivals ( I associate festivals with autumn), snake bites being attended to by famous men (I can't explain), Halloween (my favorite holiday) and rich pasta. AND THERE IS A FULL MOON! Whopeee! Can't wait to break out my camera this weekend. Dreaming of a better camera but I may invest in that in the future. Cheers!