Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Tragic End To A Cake

This is the tragic story of a red velvet cake. M is the baker and I am running the camera. This poor cake never made it to a table in once piece. This poor Frankenstein was destroyed by its mad doctor before it could make it to the table. It was consumed by others because it was believed that something like that should not be wasted. This "others" did not include me.
I would have eaten that fabby cream cheese icing. This is one of my earlier (first attempts) at film so I had not yet mastered the Ken Burns effect, in fact I hadn't even figured it out. But I was already experimenting with the soundtrack. So please enjoy Blue Velvet, some music from the FOTL commercials and I'll Be Seeing You.



  1. Two questions: 1) What do the end credits say? 2) Did you make the sour cherry preserves?

  2. The end credits say:
    Poor Blue Velvet never made it to the table. As you can see, when the cake cracked and this was the beginning of the end. Blue Velvet became a kind of trifle. There were piles of cake drenched with cherry compote, cream cheese icing, and chocolate ganache over chunks of red velvet cake and chocolate cake. The temperamental chef, ended up grabbing it in chunks and plopping then into a bowl. But it was eaten by others.Till we meet again.I'll be seeing you Red Velvet... and yes. The cherry preserves were made!

  3. Where did you find sour cherries? Dried maybe?