Monday, September 8, 2014

Cooking from a cookbook

I have been trawling through blogs lately.  Looking for recipes and checking out what people are cooking or baking out there.  As I wrote about before, I noticed a lot of people put up their "daily" recipes or at least I would classify those as daily meals so I decided to put up some myself.  My brother recently sent me Stanley Tucci's cookbook, "The Tucci Cookbook".   It's a great cookbook and I highly recommend it.  I can't wait to tackle lots of recipes!  He sent me the book and a special cooking vessel for one special recipe that we have been making for years every Christmas.  The timpano.  My sister and I saw this in the movie The Big Night and have done our best to re-create this wonderful dish.  After trial and error we came up with what we all enjoy thoroughly and has become a tradition for us.  My brother saw the recipe in The Tucci Cookbook and ordered a special vessels especially for this recipe and now I have a real recipe for this dish!  He was excited to try this for a special visit soon but have I mentioned that the temperature is in the 90's here in So Flo?? Oh yea, with a heat index of 105!! that's Farenheit!  I just can't stop complaining about this heat.

Anyway, the timpano will wait until December and cooler temps but I did go through the book and select something that I thought would be simple enough even for me.  Page 137 has a recipe for ziti with broccoli and I had these ingredients around the house!  well it turned out great!  very clean, simple and fresh that is perfect for this weather.   Here is a pic of my first attempt and I just say it looks just like the one in the book!

I am already going through the book looking for some recipes to make and have my eye on one that I hope to make soon.

Even though I consider these "everyday" recipes I think they are pretty great and now understand why people blog them.

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