Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Bounty

Summer here in SoFlo is, I must confess, mostly unbearable. The temps soar into the 90's with stifling humidity hovering at around 85% and it makes breathing difficult. There are a couple of things that this miserable weather produces, besides frizzy hair, skin cancer, oily skin, sweat stains on your clothes and violent tempers and that's beautiful mangos.
My trees aren't exactly producing a bumper crop like last year, but considering I don't use any kind of fertilizer or pesticide these lovely tress always give me some fab fruit. I also have an orange tree, fig tree, avocado tree, lychee tree, lemon tree, 2 dwarf banana trees and a sapodillo tree. The orange tree is busting out with beautiful green orbs that will be great big oranges in a couple of months.
The long skinny mangos in the picture are the cute little gems that fall in my yard from my neighbors tree. These skinny little yellow, banana-shaped mangos can't really be peeled and sliced because they are very fibrous so you just sort of bite right through the peel and suck them dry. The bigger ones are Hayden mangos and go from hard green-reddish to ripe yielding sunset toned fruit. These can be sliced and cubed and should be enjoyed really cold.

My fig tree is also producing fruit at this time. I don't really know when fig are in season because I always thought they were autumnal fruits. My tree loves to provide big fat purple figs the minute it gets hot. I keep the tree in a pot to prevent the rotting humidity and constant rains of summer from killing my dwarf fig tree.

So here is a shot of my first bounty of the summer season. I can't wait to dig in.


  1. Summer in Miami. UGH! I feel for you guys. Well, at least there is that beautiful fruit! Great pic, too.

  2. Thank you for the nice compliment! I hope your summer is great and not too hot :-)