Saturday, March 13, 2010

Banana Nut Bread

Banana bread is one of those sweets that I can have at any time because it isn't cloyingly sweet. I can have a slice for breakfast or for a snack or stud this moist tea cake with dark chocolate chips for a luscious dessert. I must confess it has always been my baking albatross. I usually get a loaf that is hard as a rock on the outside and way too bready on the inside. This time I hit it perfectly. I also spruced it up with crushed pineapple and chopped macadamia nuts. I had a some nuts left over in the freezer and didn't know what to do with them since I rarely snack on nuts. I think I should call it a Hawaiian banana nut bread. The buttery macadamia nuts are a definite replacement to the earthier walnuts usually found in this loaf. The crushed pineapple provides a tangy sweetness that counteracts the buttery nuts and mellow bananas. It is a gorgeous day/night here in SoFlo and there isn't a lot of humidity so I didn't have to play with the flour too much. I didn't write down the ingredients but it shouldn't be too hard to recreate. I can't wait for breakfast! (maybe blueberry buttermilk pancakes instead??)

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