Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer is here...officially. It actually started yesterday. We have been having hot days for a few months now but the arrival of June 21st makes it so...official. I need to examine my masochistic tendencies because if it is in the upper 80's outside this means that my kitchen is actually in the mid to upper 90's. No kidding.  So why do I get a crazy desire to bake with weather like this? God only knows because I certainly have no answer.  But there it is. I have been yearning to bake.

I recently made a pineapple upside down cake and Martha Stewart's recipe for New York crumb cake.  They came out delicious.  I really love chocolate and other delicate but complicated recipes, but I have a very soft spot for a simple cake.  The New York crumb cake is a very simple cake that does not even contain butter in the batter but yields this lovely yellow cake with a tender fragrant crumb.  The top is bursting with buttery, cinnamon sugar crumbs that complement the tender crumb beautifully.  This is how I started:

Next came the mixing of the crumb that became very moist from the heat and humidity in my kitchen. Did I mention that the kitchen is unbearable?  I am constantly complaining about the heat but can't stay out of the kitchen.  Then came the crumbs, very simple mix then doused with butter to make them moist and clumpy.

 And final product!
It's not a good picture and my shadow is covering the crumb along with a liberal dusting of confectioner's sugar.
Turned out very well!  I highly recommend this simple and delicious cake.  It flew and there is nothing left and this is my proof that it turned out well.  I hope I don't disappear for another 6 months so I will try to keep this up.